Sports and Physical Education

Physical conditioning, basic hygiene, and learning the skills, rules, and tactics of a wide variety of sports and athletic activities form the backbone of our P.E. curriculum.  Teachers are expected to coordinate activities so that students' appreciation for various forms of exercises is realized.

The athletic program at St. Paul's Lutheran School is a key component of our overall curriculum. Participating in an athletic team ties in with the school's mission of equipping children for Christian leadership. Through participation in the athletic program, student-athletes have the opportunity to grow and develop their bodies, minds, and leadership skills. They also learn how to be Christ-like in handling victories and defeats.

Our coaches seek to incorporate teamwork, goal setting, and development of fundamentals. They seek to challenge each athlete to pursue excellence in all areas, whether it be on the playing field, court, or in the classroom.

As we work with the very basic fundamental skills developed with our youngest athletes and move to more refined skill development on our middle school teams, St. Paul's Lutheran School desires to partner with our student-athletes, parents, teachers, coaches, and supporters to make St. Paul's School a reflection of Christ.