Religion and Catechesis

Knowledge of The Bible - in particular those accounts which relate to the liturgy and the catechism directing the community to the means of grace offered every Lord's Day in the Divine Service. Teachers will help students memorize Bible verses, the Small Catechism, and the hymn stanzas. Teachers will instruct students in the use of Bible tools (concordances, cross-references, Bible dictionaries, Bible atlases). Key threats and challenges to the faith and life of our children are to be identified and addressed by our curriculum - which is not merely Bible knowledge for its own sake.

The two main texts students use in religion are the New King James Version Bible and Luther's Small Catechism.  Throughout the year, students are required to memorize bible verses and parts of the small catechism each week.  They are tested at the end of the week, and receive an overall grade each semester. These texts are also used during religion class which occurs each day for students at all grade levels.