Music and The Arts

St. Paul's Lutheran School teaches music and art to all students on a regular basis. Particular evidence is given to the art of singing so that the young Christian learns to participate in the developing richness of the Church's liturgy and hymnody. In addition, there are many opportunities to explore the vast secular musical and artistic treasures from outside the church.

Much like art, students are to develop an appreciation and awareness of the great musical compositions, composers and themes of classical music even as they are exposed to music theory. They develop their own musical abilities through choir classes, using their voices together for liturgical and hymnic purposes.  

The intent of the art curriculum is to foster an appreciation for the arts, both performing and graphic, making a distinction between arts and crafts. Students will learn to recognize famous works of art and artists who painted them. Likewise, they will learn to recognize various trends in art and architecture: e.g. Baroque, Gothic, Medieval, Renaissance, Romanesque, Impressionism, etc. Students will have the opportunity to work with components of art (e.g. shape, form, color, payout, perspective) and to get experience in numerous media such as ceramics, ecclesiastical embroidery, water color, acrylics, linoleum block, silk-screening and the like.